All papers accepted for PML4DC 2023 workshop are listed below.

Title Presentation Type Authors PDFs
Automatic Speech Recognition for Amharic Language using Self-Supervised Learning Approach poster Rosa Tsegaye Aga (EAII) pdf
Towards Federated Learning Under Resource Constraints via Layer-wise Training and Depth Dropout poster Pengfei Guo (Johns Hopkins University); Warren R Morningstar (Google Research); Raviteja Vemulapalli (Apple); Karan Singhal (Google Research); Vishal Patel (Johns Hopkins University); Philip A Mansfield (Google) pdf
Intermediate Task Fine-tuning of Sequence-Sequence Language Models with Auxiliary Domain Parallel Data for Low-resource NMT poster Shravan Nayak (Microsoft); Sarubi Thillainathan (University of Moratuwa); Surangika Ranathunga (University of Moratuwa); Rikki Hung (University of Toronto); Yining Wang (University of Toronto); Jonah Mackey (University of Toronto); Andrew Ho (University of Toronto); Anthony P Rinaldi (University of Toronto); En-Shiun Annie Lee (University of Toronto) pdf
Efficient Language Model Training through Cross-Lingual and Progressive Transfer Learning poster Malte Ostendorff (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence); Georg Rehm (DFKI) pdf
Can an AI Win Ghana's National Science and Maths Quiz? An AI Grand Challenge for Education poster George Boateng (ETH Zurich); Victor Kumbol (Kwame AI Inc); Elsie Effah Kaufmann (University of Ghana) pdf
Fact-Checking Platform and Instant Local Call Alert System for Saving most Vulnerable, less Protected, and most affected Segment during Disaster using Crowdsourcing-powered Machine Learning application poster Olubayo Adekanmbi (Data Science Nigeria) pdf
MILO: Model-Agnostic Subset Selection Framework for Efficient Model Training poster Krishnateja Killamsetty (University of Texas at Dallas); Alexandre Evfimievski (IBM Research - Almaden); Tejaswini Pedapati (IBM Research); Kiran Kate (IBM Research); Lucian Popa (IBM Almaden Research Center); Rishabh Iyer (University of Texas at Dallas) pdf
ForecastPFN: Zero-Shot Low-Resource Forecasting poster Gurnoor S Khurana (Abacus AI); Samuel Dooley (University of Maryland); Siddartha V Naidu (Abacus.AI); Colin White (Abacus.AI) pdf
Learning Translation Quality Evaluation on Low Resource Languages from Large Language Models poster Amirkeivan Mohtashami (EPFL); Mauro Verzetti (Google); Paul Rubenstein (MPI for Intelligent Systems Tuebingen) pdf
Synthesizing Electronic Health Records for predictive models in LMICs poster Ghadeer Ghosheh (University of Oxford); Tingting Zhu (University of Oxford) pdf
Detecting Day-Old Chicks in a Box based on Computer Vision poster Hubert Mouton (Namibia University of Science & Technology); Mbangula Lameck ML Amugongo (Namibia University of Science & Technology) pdf
Addressing multi-centre ICU prediction of heart attack and mortality with a pseudo-dynamic explainable machine learning model poster Munib Mesinovic (University of Oxford) pdf
Foundation Model Platforms and Bottom-of-the-Pyramid Innovation poster Kush R Varshney (IBM Research) pdf
Credit Scores That Prioritize Customer Welfare: Theory and Evidence from Nigeria poster Simon Ramirez Amaya (UC Berkeley); Daniel Bjorkegren (Brown University); Joshua Blumenstock (University of California, Berkeley); Suraj R Nair (UC Berkeley) pdf
Can Strategic Data Collection Improve the Performance of Poverty Prediction Models? poster Satej Soman (University of California, Berkeley); Emily L Aiken (University of California, Berkeley); Esther Rolf (Harvard University); Joshua Blumenstock (University of California, Berkeley) pdf
Domain Generalization in Robust Invariant Representation poster Gauri Gupta (MIT); Ritvik Kapila (University of California San Diego); KESHAV GUPTA (Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology ); Ramesh Raskar (MIT) pdf
Uncovering the Effectiveness of Calibration on Open Intent Classification poster HyeJin Won (SOCAR AI Research); Kyung Ho Park (SOCAR AI Research) pdf
PMixUp: Simultaneous Utilization of Part-of-Speech Replacement and Feature Space \ Interpolation for Text Data Augmentation poster Hyeon Soo Kim (SOCAR AI Research); HyeJin Won (SOCAR AI Research); Kyung Ho Park (SOCAR AI Research) pdf
Learning to Lend in Dynamic Resource Constrained Environments poster Eric Mibuari (Harvard University); David Parkes (Harvard University); Berk Ustun (UCSD) pdf
S2VNTM: SEMI-SUPERVISED VMF NEURAL TOPIC MODELING poster Weijie Xu (Amazon); Jay SERVICES Desai (AMAZON); Srinivasan Sengamedu (Amazon); Xiaoyu Jiang (Amazon); Francis Iannacci (Amazon) pdf
Adaptive Representations for Semantic Search poster Aniket Rege (University of Washington); Aditya Kusupati (University of Washington); Sharan Ranjit S (University of Washington); Sham Kakade (Harvard University); Prateek Jain (Google ); Ali Farhadi (University of Washington, Allen Institue for AI, Apple) pdf
Towards Globally Responsible and Human-centered Text-to-Image Evaluations poster Emily Denton (Google); Rida Qadri (Google); Renee Shelby (Google Research) pdf
Surprisingly Simple Adapter Ensembling for Zero-Shot Cross-Lingual Sequence Tagging poster Rohan Shah (Carnegie Mellon University); Preethi Jyothi (Indian Institute of Technology Bombay) pdf
When Do Boosted Trees Outperform Neural Nets on Tabular Data? poster Duncan C McElfresh (University of Maryland); Sujay Khandagale (Abacus.AI); Jonathan Valverde (Google); Vishak Prasad C (Indian Institute Of Technology, Bombay); Ganesh Ramakrishnan (IIT Bombay); Micah Goldblum (University of Maryland); Colin White (Abacus.AI) pdf
Astroformer: More Data might not be all you need, Learning to Predict Galaxy Morphologies with Limited Data poster Rishit Dagli (University of Toronto) pdf
Fair Prediction of Risk for ICU Treatments for Hypotension in Minority Subpopulations poster Peniel N Argaw (Harvard); Esther Brown (Harvard University); Isaac Kohane (Harvard Medical School) pdf
VISION HGNN: AN ELECTRON-MICROGRAPH IS WORTH HYPERGRAPH OF HYPERNODES poster Rajat Kumar Sarkar (Tata Research Development and Design Centre); Sagar Srinivas Sakhinana (Tata Research Development and Design Center); Sreeja Gangasani (Indian Institute of Technology, Palakkad); Venkataramana Runkana (Tata Consultancy Services Limited) pdf
MULTI-KNOWLEDGE FUSION NETWORK FOR TIME SERIES FORECASTING poster Rajat Kumar Sarkar (Tata Research Development and Design Centre); Sagar Srinivas Sakhinana (Tata Research Development and Design Center); Sudhir Aripirala (TCS); Shivam Gupta (TCS R & I); Venkataramana Runkana (Tata Consultancy Services Limited) pdf
Combating Harmful Hype in Natural Language Processing poster Asmelash Teka (Lesan); Paul Azunre (Algorine); Timnit Gebru (Google) pdf
LEARNING FOR HEALTHCARE QUERIES IN LOW RESOURCE LANGUAGE SETTINGS poster Stanslaus Mwongela (Jacaranda Health & Strathmore Unviersity); Jay Patel (Jacaranda Health); Mohamed Ahmed (Microsoft); Sathyanath Rajasekharan (Jacaranda Health); Stanslaus Mwongela (Jacaranda Health & Strathmore University); Gilles Hacheme (Microsoft); Bernard Shibwabo (Strathmore University); Julius Butime (Strathmore University); Laura Wotton (Jacaranda Health) pdf
Model Compression Beyond Size Reduction poster Mubarek Mohammed Yesuf (Addis Ababa University) pdf
Globalizing Fairness Attributes in Machine Learning: A Case Study on Health in Africa poster Mercy N Asiedu (Google LLC); Awa Dieng (Google); Abigail Oppong (Ashesi University|Ghana NLP); Maria Nagawa (Duke University); Sanmi Koyejo (UIUC); Katherine Heller (Google) pdf
CHATGPT IS ALL YOU NEED TO DECOLONIZE SUB-SAHARAN VOCATIONAL EDUCATION poster Isidoros Marougkas (Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey); Isidora Tourni (Boston university); Georgios Grigorakis (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens); Konstantinos M. Rafail Dafnis (Rutgers University); Vasiliki Tassopoulou (University of Pennsylvania) pdf
A real-world dataset for AI-based pest population monitoring poster Jerome White (Wadhwani Institute for Artificial Intelligence); Jigar Doshi (Wadhwani AI) pdf
Domain Shift Signal for Low Resource Continuous Test-Time Adaptation poster Goirik Chakrabarty (Indian Institute of Science, Education and Research - Pune); Manogna Sreenivas (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore); Soma Biswas (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore) pdf
JumpStyle: A Framework for Data-Efficient Online Adaptation poster Aakash Singh (Indian Institute of Science); Manogna Sreenivas (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore); Soma Biswas (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore) pdf
Do Models see Corruption as we see? An Item Response Theory based study in Computer Vision poster Charchit Sharma (IIT Hyderabad); Ayan Kumar Pahari (IIT Hyderabad ); Pranoy Panda (Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad); V C Sairam Rebbapragada (Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad); Deepak Vijaykeerthy (IBM Research); Vineeth N Balasubramanian (Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad) pdf